“The wedding will blur, the blossoms will shrink away, and you won’t much recollect the big day but you’re wedding pictures will last forever.”Celebrating your huge day with the purest form of energy and making affectionate recollections along is ADT Photographer’s focal objective. Our wedding photography administrations are a respect to the trimmed feeling of your wedding setting and the glad state of mind of your visitors. “We are the ideal picture takers falling from the sky, to celebrate and make your wedding a magnificent issue.” Yes, we feel that the “photography is not about cameras, gizmos, gadgets, and technology but photography is about photographers.” Cheers!! To our team who has been capturing that crazy feeling of love with that forever moment where life stands will & a story unfolds. Perfect Photography is not just a job for us, it is an addiction and we are addicted to our passion of creating magical moments for you.



“Individuals may not be perfect but their moments are!” so we believe in creating a perfect moment for you not only on your wedding day but days prior to your wedding. Years ago when our mother and father got married they must have seen each other at their wedding day but thank god we are privileged enough to live the moment & create our own tale before the altercation of marriage begins. The photos or videos will have mark of your remarkable identities in lovely settings – pictures which will influence you to feel unique, pictures which recount a story. Our way to deal with pre-wedding photography is to non-rudely and imaginatively catch the unconstrained minutes you share with your significant other. “Years of relationship & yes you get this opportunity to replicate your love story in the most beautiful manner.”
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Pre-wedding photography a part of Marriage.In prior days couples would see each other for the very first time on such an important day of their life, yet now time is changed so the wedding patterns have.Couples of this century are beloved & advanced enough that they take the initiative to capture their lover’s life. And, we create a story for you! A tale of two lovers falling in love with each other again & again, promising each other with a pure touch of togetherness, A story which will be created by us but narrated by you and your real emotions.


Our budget was not so high, with a hand some budget for the photo shoot regarding our wedding, we contacted ADT and they did not only give us options but they also provided us a splendid service throughout our wedding, took care of our budget & treated us with exceptional photo book with a lot of memories.

Neeraj Bharti

A sort of photography which isn’t finished with earlier courses of action, postures and exceptional set ups is known as Candid Photography. It is stand-out and particularly prevalent nowadays, particularly, the sincere photography for weddings. 

Weddings are forever, and recalling the memories of such a huge day of your life is something that you unquestionably won’t have any desire to pass up a great opportunity for. “Finding the perfect picture taker for the special day is same as finding a perfect soul-mate for your life.”

Making it memorable! Is what we aim at while shooting a film on you. Each wedding is dealt with as exceptional as each couple, gaining practical experience in catching those genuine minutes, making sentimental and fun, common and agreeable postured photos, together mysteriously recounting the tale of your big day.

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Our Candid Photography

Candid Photography is the Best part of Marriage.A Candid Photograph is a photograph captured without creating a post appearance.

Weddings are forever, and recalling the memories of such a huge day of your life is something that you unquestionably won’t have any desire to pass up a great opportunity for. “Finding the perfect picture taker for the special day is same as finding a perfect soul-mate for your life.” Regardless of whether you are searching for a real picture taker or somebody who will take conventional representations, one of these extremely capable wedding photographic artists will make certain to suit you.

nd it is not just a wedding when two souls inhabit with a single thread of love!! 

We understand the emotion called “love” and the feeling kindred with it. We understand that every love story is beautiful but we know how to make yours incredible. The wedding is an occasion of lifetime, a bond of promises and a vow of togetherness and we at ADT are glad enough to tell you that yes it’s our pride to make the moments worth for you. We know how to hold the instant & make you feel touched.By the speedy evolution of photography people rather prefer candid photography over the traditional one. Off course, who would not like to get the feel of belongingness?


Our unique blend of technology & emotions makes a wedding photography effective. Our incredibly talented group includes experienced experts, and youthful ability with the most recent gear and programming around to give you most ideal results. With a vision of integrating memories in its purest form Mr. Vivek Awasthi pledged & committed to deliver the best.

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we click on those moments that are very happy with your life.whom you like to live again and again.

A mother’s happiness begins when a new life is about to come.whrn a punny heartbeat is heard for the first time.when a baby kicks in from that moments a mother never forgets.ADT click those moments as a picture.

ADT Photographer is considered to give you the best picture takers who work in the compelling artwork of infant, child and maternity likeness. We comprehend that every tyke is extraordinary and subsequently utilize a great deal of tolerance, respect, and innovativeness in catching the diverse strokes of your dear baby.


We felt like celebrity genuinely as they say so they do. ADT say that they will make you feel like a prince & a princess and yes they do let you who you are with the pure sense of comfort. Even in spite of the fact that it was our arranged marriage but the photographer made us so comfortable not only with the camera but each other as well. Thank You!!
Kunjan Gumber
We were advised to get a shoot done for our child however we were not ready for that but after we got our kid captured, we have screened his pictures as a calendar and distributed it to our family members.My wedding album is very Beautifull. I Am so Happy.
Thank you so much ADT Company

Deepak & Mansi

ADT is just amazing,

They shoot my Daughter Roka Ceremony Function done and it was just so incredibly done that we feel it worth. Yes, ADT was not the first choice initially when we took the decision to get the Ring ceremony shoot done but now we have pre booked them for the Marriage photography

Lakhwinder Singh Matharoo
I am so happy to say that we are one of those regular type customers for ADT. As we chose ADT for our wedding shoot,candid shoot for our wedding and now after 2 years of our marriage we have again chosen them for the photography of my Brother Marriage. Because, we know that they do not just click photographs they stay with you, take your suggestions and deliver their best.
Rimple Makkar