About us

A beautiful tale of two hearts that beat as one, two souls with a single thought with a promise of holding hands. Love is persistent so is thoughtful, love does not demand its own particular manner. Our belief in love is what makes us different of all. Because we believe that, Once in a while right in the middle of your boring life, a feeling called “Love” will definitely give you a fairy tale. And we take great pride in introducing us as the best storytellers.

Photography is not just capturing the moments but it is a way of life. It is a promise from a photographer to extend the purity of that instant and hold it beautifully for the lifetime.

A perfect wedding is about two imperfect partners who refuse to give up on each other. A wedding is a bucket of moments – some that influence you to chuckle, and some that influence you to cry. This is the day when guardians acknowledge that their youngsters have grown up and are presently all set to begin their very own existence. This is an ideal opportunity to give up a little and furthermore to hold each other close.

Throughout the years, ADT Photographers have specially screened the best wedding photography, candid photography, cinematography and the loveliness of pre-wedding photography to cover each wedding like a fairy tale of its own. Rooting for a thought for making fairy tales look easy came into existence almost 10 years ago. ADT was formed with a firm objective to provide everything in relation to photography where we had already been rocking the market with our various services like making and preparing a photo album. Preparing & designing Photobook Album & Karizma Album is our forty also conventioneer services like designing Mugs, Keychain, Pillow Covers so on and so forth are incredibly inherited by us.

Not just limited to Delhi but ADT Albums has been mesmerizing the aspirants of Delhi too when making albums or shooting films. And with the drastic evolution in the field of photography, ADT Photographers was born as we evolved with all the new phenomenon of photography at ADT Photographers.

Why choose us to be accountable for your most important day?

Our unique blend of technology & emotions makes a wedding photography effective. Our incredibly talented group includes experienced experts, and youthful ability with the most recent gear and programming around to give you most ideal results. With a vision of integrating memories in its purest form Mr. Vivek Awasthi pledged & committed to delivering the best.

His soul dedication and firm passion is the reason for ADT Photographers to be one of the best Wedding photographers in Delhi NCR. A creator of such a passionate team, who has formed a firm conviction that wedding photography can never be just about methods, hardware, cameras or focal points. To have the capacity to accomplish a portion of the best wedding photography comes about the craftsmanship must be driven by enthusiasm, etched with affection, and completed with the mind.

We let you feel the awesomeness of our work, we have the ability to create the magic because we know how to make you feel like a princess or a prince charming. Creating wonders in Pre-wedding photo-shoot, Couple Photography, Engagement Photography, Child Photography & becoming the best wedding photographers. Our zeal and obsession have not let us rest and have been motivating us to embellish & enhance the quality we pose. Let us feel the pleasure of taking you to a ride of the best photography through our website.