Pre-Wedding Shoot


In prior days couples would see each other for the very first time on such an important day of their life, yet now time is changed so the wedding patterns have.

Couples of this century are beloved & advanced enough that they take the initiative to capture their lover’s life. And, we create a story for you! A tale of two lovers falling in love with each other again & again, promising each other with a pure touch of togetherness, A story which will be created by us but narrated by you and your real emotions.Presently couples understand that wedding is a lifetime event, so everybody needs uniqueness in their wedding and pre-wedding photography and catch those valuable minutes of our novel, cinematography, videography, and photography. Definitely not a need but pre-wedding photo shoot has become a pro-style these days like a sense of uniqueness & an important affair. Families especially the soon to be married couples are so keen to be clicked like a prince or a princess and why not? When the pre-wedding photo shoot is all liable to give the feel of a celebrity. We at ADT Photography let you be who you are!! As we believe that the love in the love story can only be added with the real lovers, not by the technicalities of a camera and then the moments for a lifetime are captured with all the passion & beautification by our extremely talented team.

Why Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

A best pre-wedding picture taker will interact with the couple and make them agreeable to each other before the camera; it’s the best time activity. The photographer will eventually create that relaxing chemistry between the couple which will allow them to be familiar in front of the camera during all facets of their celebrations.The sole objective of Pre-wedding photo-shoot is that a couple can be neighborly in front of the camera before wedding which is advantageous for both couple and the photographer and that’s when our photographer can catch that authentic minute effectively with the pure bliss of originality and subtleness so that it will make you laugh, cry or smile when it is remembered after certain years.Through a pre-wedding shoot, a picture taker likewise becomes acquainted with the best stances, safe places, inventive points and best postures of the couples. Along these lines, the picture taker prevails with regards to giving the best real to life snaps to the couple and family.

Why choose ADT Photographers for the pre-wedding photo shoot?

Uniqueness is conceivable when you enlist best pre-wedding Photographer and ADT Photographer is the one who is known for its innovativeness amid the pre-wedding shoot for you and consider your prerequisites. Our Best pre-wedding Photographer leaves that valuable impression in the prewedding photography and videography with our extraordinary prewedding movies and scrapbook that you will be hypnotized. We additionally shoot at various locations depending on couple’s preferences. Locations in Delhi and outside Delhi can also be deemed after discussing with the couple. And when you are looking for the most inventive and expert team of photographers to bring the authentic touch to your prewedding photo shoot, then contact ADT photographers.